About Barnaby Miller

Barnaby works as a freelance copywriter, filmmaker, animator, editor and VFX artist, delivering engaging thought leadership and striking visuals to his clients, across the entertainment, commercial and marketing sectors.

Barnaby started his career as an AD in the film, television and commercial industries, before moving on to write, produce and direct his first feature film, ‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’, where he performed all rotoscoping, VFX and animation tasks himself.




Barnaby is a copywriter, interviewer and editor specialising in taking complex topics, strategy and technical data to deliver persuasive and engaging long form thought leadership, as well as accessible and easily digestible short form content.


‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’ is the first feature film written and directed by Barnaby Miller.

Miller developed an alternative postproduction process, allowing him to create a unique new aesthetic, single-handedly performing all rotoscoping, VFX and animation tasks.

For more information, visit: www.straysthefilm.com



In addition to his feature work, creating live-action/animation hybrids, Barnaby also works in pure animation. This work uses both photographic stills and drawn material in 2D and 3D spaces.


Miller’s 3D Animation work has a strong emphasis on false perspectives, the interplay between technology and the organic, and impossible geometry, injecting the unexpected into an otherwise predictable medium.



Rotoscoping is the mechanical process of drawing over the top of live-action footage, as an animation guide, to ‘cut out’ an element, or to augment the image. It is commonly used to ‘cut out’ elements from the footage in order to introduce new elements into the scene.

(e.g. The lightsabers in Star Wars).


Much of Miller’s branding work involves isolating brand logos and text, in order to then augment them, making the branding more prominent within the frame.

Product Shots

Barnaby is often asked to utilise his rotoscoping skills to colourize black and White footage, as well as to alter product shots, in order to increase their visual impact and aesthatic appeal to the viewer.


Miller also works in other media, including paint, sculpture and mechanical oddities.


Outside of his narrative and commercial work, Barnaby also works in a more artistic, non-narrative space, in many different media under the banner of ‘London Lumantics’. 

To view his origami, sculpture, wooden accessory products, photography and non-narrative animations, visit the London Lumantics website and online store.


For any inquiries please email